Become Witches and Wizards Potter Caricature print

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Become Witches and Wizards Potter Caricature print


Upto 5 people

Fun harry Comic caricature retro style characters

We need a close up front facing & very clear images for us to transform. Individual images of each person.
If images are unclear or too far away the quality may be reduced.

Please email the images with which house you’d like for each person

We place each person in position & size best suited for the design.

We’ll remove the background etc but images with a clearer backgrounds work better

Comic, Movies, Gaming, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox, Nintendo, PC PlayStation, Sega

Head sizes are enlarged on print for comic and fun effect

We send you design proof to check you’re happy with the design before printing. We don’t print without approval 🙂



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All our products are printed on the best high quality materials using premium equipment.
Depending on the design they’re printed on either Premium gloss card, High standard linen textured card or Premium matt print card.
From 240gsm-300gsm.
A4 frames are Approx 11×8

Additional information

Number of people

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Size Options

Digital image only, 4×6 inch print only unframed (small), 5×7 inch print only unframed, A4 print only unframed, A3 print only unframed, 8×10 inch White Box Framed, 8×10 inch Black Box Framed, A4 Framed White, A4 Framed Black